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Sexual Health for Women

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances can affect your physical body as well as impact your mental health and happiness. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can help improve the lives of women and reduce day to day symptoms. Symptoms such as fatigue, muscle loss, decreased libido, inability to climax, weight gain, depression, brain fog, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and many more can be minimized or even reversed when using bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are biochemically the same molecules that exists in your body and are considered an “anti-aging” form of medicine.


At Renu Medical Our providers will complete a thorough assessment of your lab results as well as consider how you are currently feeling and what your goals are. We follow endocrinology guidelines and strive to return patients to “optimal levels” with therapeutic doses. Lifestyle choices and past medical history pay a role in which method of hormone delivery is best for you. Rest assured, will work WITH us to create the best long-term plan for you with consistent check-ins and adjustments for a personalized solution.


Hormonal Blood work may be completed onsite at Renu Medical or at a Labcorp location near you. Receive lab test results in as little as 48 hours…


Options for BHRT delivery:

· Testosterone cypionate Injections

· Hormone pellet therapy

· Vaginal Testosterone, Estradiol, or DHEA creams

· Estrogen replacement with Estriol/Estradiol combo medications

· Micronized Progesterone capsules

· Hormone Troches

· Supplement Additions

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"O Shot"

The O-SHOT is a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment that uses the patient’s own blood platelets to activate growth factors that rejuvenate the female orgasm system, allowing more blood flow to the organ, enhancing sensitivity and delivering dramatic improvements in sexual function.

The PRP process triggers the platelets to release seven different growth factors that activate the stem cells to regenerate and improve functional potential.


Benefits from the O-Shot include:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation

  • Decreased or resolved urinary incontinence (both urge and stress)

  • Younger, smoother vaginal labia

  • Decreased pain with dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms

  • Increased sexual desire


Women often enjoy effects of the O-Shot almost immediately, as the growth factors begin to rejuvenate and enhance the sexual response. Women have reported an increase in their sexual response within days and weeks of the treatment, and for many, the increase is dramatic.

If you suffer from vaginal dryness or urinary dysfunction, the O-Shot can bring back desire and so much more!

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