The role of testosterone in a man’s body

You have to understand what testosterone does before you can understand what happens when it’s low. Testosterone is a hormone made by your body. It is responsible for many sexual characteristics, like:

  • Growth and maturation of the prostate and other male sex organs

  • Development and distribution of male hair, such as facial hair

  • Sex drive and sexual function


Testosterone plays many other roles as well. Some additional effects of testosterone may include:

  • Changes in body muscle mass and strength

  • Changes in fat distribution

  • Changes in mood and energy level


What is Low Testosterone?

This is probably the question that brought you here. So let’s get down to the facts. Low Testosterone, or Low T, is a real medical condition known as hypogonadism.

Low T occurs when a man’s testosterone levels (T levels) have fallen below a level of  approximately 300 ng/dL.  T levels between 600 ng/dL and 1000 ng/dL are generally considered in the normal range. The brain and the testes work together to keep testosterone in this range. When levels of testosterone are below the normal range, the brain signals the testes to make more. When there is enough testosterone, the brain signals the testes to make less.  Low Testosterone (T) symptoms

How can you figure out if your testosterone (T) levels have fallen below the normal range? Understanding the symptoms of Low T is a good place to start. Take a look at the following list and see if any apply to you. Then talk to your doctor about what you have noticed.


Some symptoms of Low Testosterone include:

  • Fatigue or decreased energy

  • Reduced sex drive (libido)

  • Sexual dysfunction (weak erections, fewer erections)

  • Depressed mood

  • Increased body fat

  • Reduced muscle mass and strength

  • Decreased bone strength

  • Loss of body hair (reduced shaving)

  • Hot flashes, sweats


Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone replacement offers excellent results for men experiencing symptoms associated with low levels of the hormone. The testosterone therapy programs at ReNu are designed to restore testosterone levels to what they were when you were in optimal health, for most people this was around age 25.

Potential benefits of testosterone therapy include:

  • Improved Sexual Performance

  • Improved Sexual Drive

  • Improved Sexual Function

  • Reduction in Body Fat

  • Reduction of Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

  • Improved Bone Density

  • Improved Memory

  • Improved Strength

  • Greater Ability to Add Lean Muscle Mass

  • Improved Mood

  • Increased Energy



All protocols include recommended dose of Testosterone, Clomid, Anastrazole, and B12 for 1 month



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