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Image by National Cancer Institute

Shockwave Therapy & PRP

What is PRP?

The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself. Regeneration of new tissue is accomplished by the natural production of stem cells. PRP involves concentrated platelets rich in bioactive proteins, which release growth factors to stimulate cellular regeneration and accelerate tissue repair. The benefits of PRP were initially used in wound healing, dentistry and the treatment of sports injuries, but now have evolved to address aesthetic concerns and physiological dysfunction. PRP is one of the most advanced, effective natural treatments for cellular rejuvenation throughout the body.

A PRP treatment begins with a simple blood draw and from start to finish can be completed within 30 minutes. Blood is spun in a unique centrifuge that separates plasma and platelets. The plasma, now highly concentrated with rich platelets, is collected in a syringe and injected back into the tissues where needed. Growth factors stimulate stem cells to create new, youthful tissue, including areas in the face, scalp, sex organs, muscles and joints.

Since PRP is extracted from your own blood, there’s no risk of side effects. Over 100,000 procedures have been performed to date with no complications reported.  PRP therapy is swiftly becoming one of the most popular treatment methods to address a variety of health and cosmetic issues:


  • Wrinkled or sagging skin

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Frown lines

  • Peyronie’s Disease

  • Crow’s feet

  • Urinary Incontinence


Research suggests as this technology continues, PRP therapies may eventually be able to treat a myriad of medical conditions as the benefits will continue to grow.    

Image by Toa Heftiba
  • Acne

  • Sexual Wellness

  • Scarring

  • Hair Re-growth

  • Acne  

  • Pain Relief

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave, also known as Pulse/Sound Wave therapy is FDA cleared technology that has been used in medicine for many years with great success.
Pulse/Sound waves at specific frequencies can deliver a mechanical force to the body’s deep tissues. This “force” has been used to effectively treat many conditions such as joint pain, back pain, and tendonitis.

More recently, this non-invasive treatment that uses the power of high energy sounds waves to penetrate the surrounding cells to increase blood flow is successfully being used to treat men and women to dramatically improve sexual performance. 

The time is NOW to turn back the clock with these simple, non-surgical, in-office procedures using the most advanced techniques available. 

Ask for your free consultation today!

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